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Group Exhibition
Sawtooth Artist-Run Gallery
Launceston, Tasmania


Best-laid Plans

Cotton, wire, polyurethane

pigment, acrylic paint
768 x 300cm

Tether Top


By Adam Anderson, Jacinta Giles, Annelize Mulder, Victoria Wareham & Rachael Wellisch.

‘Tether’ is a collection of new ways to explore the transient, but close conjunction between our virtual and our actual lives. Through toying with memory, alchemy, and identity, the exhibition asks, ‘what is it to be tethered?’ —at a time when we are both hyper-connected and spiritually alienated. In this exhibition, tether becomes the gaps, absences, inaccessibilities and invisibilities that exists between objects and bodies. Going beyond mere sensory input, the participating artists are occupied with exposing concealed knowledge. Probing the underlying layers of our social, cultural, and political reality to find new ways to re-evaluate our existence in a hyper-mediated world.

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