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Group Exhibition
The Morgue Gallery

University of the Arts


Perpetual Pursuit

Single-channel video 03:21min
Photo: Brodie Sian Taberner

Conduit Top





By Adam Anderson, Jacinta Giles, Annelize Mulder, Victoria Wareham & Rachael Wellisch.

Heat, light, sound and electrons flow through a conductor, tethering the subatomic structures of seemingly separate materials. They conduct; exposing the gaps, absences, inaccessibilities, and invisibilities that lie between material bodies. Beyond conduction, Conduit is occupied with revealing the concealed knowledge flowing between our embodied existence and ontological concepts of memory, matter, alchemy, and identity. The artists of this exhibition are not conductors but conduits. They conduit (verb) our personal, social, environmental, chemical, physical, digital, mental, and spiritual realities to find new ways to re-evaluate our existence in a hyper-mediated world.

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