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Acts of Translation


Platform Arts
Wadawurrung Country, 60 Little Malop St, Geelong VIC 3220

This exhibition takes a position against the idea of translation as derivative. Instead, it proposes that the act of translation serves not the original but the liberation and release of its potential.

Translation changes the original beyond its initial state, revealing or producing the translatability that is its ‘essence.’ Translation becomes an entanglement that has no beginning or end, but is something that is always tentative, approximate, and incomplete; an unfulfilled promise, necessarily trailing in its wake the remainder of its past. Through dismantling habits of perception and challenging the traditional boundaries of their chosen mediums and subjects, the artists in this exhibition provide opportunities for viewers to engage in acts of translation—to know our world through a materialist experience of colour, light, texture, and sensation.

Exhibition collaborators: Adam Anderson, Jacinta Giles, and Victoria Wareham.

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